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We Are Your Source for Air Compressors in Pittsburgh, PA

Kruman Equipment Company is a full-service distributor of air compressors in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1936, we have been supplying new, used, and rebuilt reciprocating and rotary-screw air compressors to commercial building contractors throughout western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio.

We Sell, Rent, and Service Your Equipment

As a full-service distributor of air compressors, we do it all. We stock aftermarket parts and products for a wide-range of manufacturers.

Our staff of engineers and technicians are available should you need part installation, training, or equipment repaired or serviced. We also provide system design on all types and sizes of compressed air parts and equipment.

Rotary-Screw Compressors
 • Oil-Flooded
 • Oil-Free
 • Single- & Two-Stage 

Reciprocating Compressors
 • Single-Acting 
    Single- & Two-Stage
 • Double-Acting 
    Single-, Two-, & Multi-Stage
 • Vacuum Systems
 • Blower Packages
 • Centrifugal Packages
 • Custom-Engineered Packages

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Reciprocating Compressors
 • Single- & Two-Stage
 • Lubricated
 • Oil-Free
Climate Control Packages
Robotics Packages
Hospital & Clean Room Packages
Vacuum Systems

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Rotary-Screw Compressors
 • Oil-Flooded
 • Oil-Free
 • Single- & Two-Stage
 • Variable-Speed Drive
 • Reciprocating
 • Two-Stage

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Reciprocating Compressors
 • Single- & Two-Stage
 • Portable & Stationary
 • Climate-Control Packages
 • Sprinkler System Packages

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Find Aftermarket Parts and Lubricants for Your Equipment

Need a part? In addition to equipment, we sell parts and products for the brands listed above and below. Our inventory includes genuine OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and lubricants.

Speak to one of our sales specialists for help finding the right piece of equipment for your job and come to Kruman Equipment the next time you need to buy, rent, or find support for your air compressor in Pittsburgh PA.

Additional Manufacturers

In addition to the product brands listed above, we stock a large inventory of equipment, genuine OEM and aftermarket parts, and lubricants for the following manufacturers:

Ingersoll Rand™
Atlas Copco™

Chicago Pneumatic™

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Contact us at Sales@kruman.com to find the air compressor that is right for your specific application.