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Air Compressor Maintenance in Altoona, PA

You rely on your compressed air to keep business flowing. That’s why we’re here to help even before your compressor breaks. Even though Kruman is headquartered in Pittsburgh, we serve a 200-mile radius and have certified repairmen throughout the western Pennsylvania area. That means Altoona can depend on us to get things up and running again. We work with air compressors from over 20 different manufacturers for everything from IT manufacturing to glass manufacturing, food processing plants, hospitals HVAC systems, and more.

Cost-effective Air Compressor Parts

We know that the last expense on your mind is your compression system. It is one of those costs that creeps up on you. Kruman can help you spend less on your air compressor, especially because we offer quality aftermarket parts so you can decrease costs associated with repairs.

OEM parts are also available in our inventory so you can keep your compressor at factory standards. Our large in-house inventory means you don’t have to wait for parts to be ordered; we can deliver the air compressor parts to Altoona, PA the same day they’re ordered! Kruman has maintained a parts book and reference library since our opening in 1936. No matter the age or make, our records make it easy to find parts for obsolete or unique model air compressors.

The Security of 24/7/365 Air Compressor Service in Altoona, PA

Our factory-trained and certified technicians come to you in your hour of need, no matter the day or time. We know your business and/or production relies on compressed air—and we keep you going with our quality emergency services. We’ll even come back for a follow-up to make sure your compressor is functioning as it should and that you are back on your feet.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Maintenance is the prevention that helps you avoid increased costs like emergency service, parts, and the money lost while your compressor is down. Avoid surprise break-downs with our periodic maintenance plans. We can build a custom service plan to keep your compressors running smoothly all the time.

When You Need a Replacement Now: Air Compressor Rentals in Altoona, PA

Kruman Equipment also sells and rents back-up air compressors. You can’t afford to let production stop for even a short time. Our rental fleet is available for both short and long-term contracts. We have electric and, lubricated, and oil-free models. We also rent air compressor components such as receivers, hoses, and air dryers if you have broken components.

Call Kruman Equipment today—we’ll provide a compressor you can rely on!